Sustainable sanitation solutions in coastal communities
21 March 2021

DEWATS for Rice noodle processing cluster in Hai Phong City

Protecting water resource is very important. According to national Law on Environmental protection, Law on Irrigation Management and Law on Water Resource Management, wastewater must be treated well before discharging it into the nature including the rivers to meet the national standards.

An Kim Hai River is the main River to provide water supply for about 80% of the population in Hai Phong. It is also the irrigation system in the city. An Kim Hai plays a very important role in water management in this area. However, there are still wastewater resources discharged directly into An Kim Hai River without being treated.

A survey showed that Nam village of the Tan Tien commune is the most polluted wastewater area and discharges both untreated domestic and rice noodle processing wastewater of 582 people of 141 households and 17 small rice noodle home based enterprises to An Kim Hai River. As calculated there are about 500kg of rice per home-based enterprise used daily to produce rice noodles with about 5m³ of water used daily per home based enterprise plus with about 10m³ monthly water use per household for living activities.

To solve the problems, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) – partner of BORDA Vietnam – proposed and applied DEWATS to help treating wastewater in this area before discharging it into the river. A DEWATS plant with a total capacity of 135m³/day was constructed and calculated to treat about 41,310 tons of COD/year. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is the donor of this project, which is funded under the national budget line for National Research and proposed solutions to improve the water environment on major rivers and irrigation systems along coastal provinces in the Northern Delta region for safe agriculture development and domestic water supply. The Total fund of this project is about 95,000 USD (equivalent to 2,2 billion VND) and the construction cost is about 72,000 USD (equivalent 1,67 billion VND). Because of wastewater being discharged into the river the effluent of treated wastewater after DEWATS plant is requested to meet category A of national standards QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT. To meet category A, a technical engineer added an aerotation tank after Anaerobic filter chambers and before the Horizontal Gravel plant filter.

The DEWATS plant was constructed with total about 3,5 months during last quater of 2020. The DEWATS plant was commissioned and handed over to An Hai Irrigation Exploitation Limited Liability Company to operate from January 2021. The monthly operation cost is calculated to about US$236 (equivalent 5,5 mio VND) including payment for electricity to operate the aerotation tank, pumping and salary for one operator.

Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, BORDA Vietnam implemented a DEWATS plant in the worst polluted area by wastewater of the country. The project reaches over 500 people in more than 140 households.

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