World Urban Forum 9: BORDA hosts workshop on polycentric approaches to urban water resource management
14 February 2018
BORDA sets up small working groups to facilitate progress towards SDGs and New Urban Agenda
30 September 2018

Hot Issues Workshops: BORDA and VAWR contribute to Vietnam International Water Week – VACI 2018

Vietnam International Water Week: Hot Issues

Vietnam Water Cooperation Initiatives (VACI) is a global platform for all involved in the water sector — including decision makers, stakeholders, scientists, researchers and practitioners — to share and exchange lessons learnt, achievements and solutions for water-related issues. This year’s VACI conference took place on 4-5 March 2018 in Hanoi during Vietnam International Water Week.

VACI 2018 hosted 21 water-related Hot Issues workshops for participants from government ministries, international organisations, donors, universities, institutes and the private sector. Organisations represented include the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the German Embassy in Hanoi. As strategic partners of VACI, BORDA and its longstanding partner Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR) gave presentations at two Hot Issues workshops (No. 11 “Water for Liveable Cities” and No. 14 “Wastewater: Treatment and Reuse”) and contributed an article to the conference publication “Vietnam Water Cooperation Highlights: Water – A Reason for Cooperation Not Conflict.”

Water for Liveable Cities

In the “Water for Liveable Cities” workshop, Mrs. Pham Thi Hai Yen, Vietnam Project Representative, introduced the Integrated Sanitation Approach for urban development with a case study from Bac Ninh, Vietnam. The presentation covered the global context, cooperation framework, objectives, components and progressive implementation of the Integrated Sanitation Solutions applied in Bac Ninh city.

Wastewater: Treatment and Reuse

In the “Wastewater: Treatment and Reuse” workshop, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh from VAWR gave a presentation on the dissemination of DEWATS in Vietnam. He reviewed what BORDA-VAWR has done so far in Vietnam, addressed the mission, challenges, lessons learnt, effectiveness and sustainability of DEWATS solutions, and summarised on-going activities.

Both presentations received good feedback and led to very fruitful technical discussions between participants.

Helping to Shape the Way Forward

For BORDA-VAWR, participating in the VACI 2018 conference was not only about sharing our work and experience. It also gave us the opportunity to contribute to and help shape the water-related programmes, visions and strategies of governments, international organisations, donors and leading companies in the water and sanitation sector.

At Hot Issues workshops in Hanoi on 4-5 March 2018, BORDA and partner VAWR presented the Integration Sanitation Approach for liveable cities and nation-wide DEWATS dissemination for sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse

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