Community based management of solid waste for climate change mitigation in Indonesia
24 September 2018
Integrated Sanitation Approach for large residential developments
26 September 2018

Integrated environmental sanitation for Krong Kracheh, Cambodia

BORDA Cambodia is working together with its partner Environmental Sanitation Cambodia (ESC) to tackle urban sanitation challenges. To that end, ESC-BORDA Cambodia has initiated the Integrated Environmental Sanitation for Krong Kracheh Project to improve sanitation service provision, infrastructure and management.

This project engages a diverse stakeholder network to identify sanitation challenges in a defined urban environment and to develop a holistic approach consisting of capacity building and infrastructure components. The key principle of the approach is the consideration of the interconnectedness of (1) planning considerations, (2) technical options, (3) managerial challenges and (4) capacity building.

In the city of Kratie, ESC-BORDA Cambodia will focus on an integrated approach to decentralised wastewater management, faecal sludge management and solid waste management. In addition, ESC-BORDA will conduct a range of capacity building interventions targeting effective operations and an enabling institutional and regulatory framework.

As part of an integrated environmental sanitation initiative, ESC and BORDA Cambodia are cooperating with the private sector and municipal authorities to improve sanitation service provision in Krong Kracheh

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