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17 August 2017
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26 October 2017

International broadcaster VTV4 reports on DEWATS applications in Vietnam


VTV4 — a Vietnamese national television channel that produces news for international broadcast in several languages including English, French, Chinese and Russian — filmed in September 2017 a short news report on the application of Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Solutions (DEWATS) in Vietnam.

The four-minute story presented an overview of DEWATS applications in Vietnam in the previous 10 years, showing images of DEWATS plants located across the country from north to south.

DEWATS for Hospitals and Schools

Kim Bang General Hospital — with its DEWATS installed in 2008 as the first system of its kind in Vietnam — was filmed and reported as a good working treatment model. Mr. Hoang Van Thao, Representative of Kim Bang General Hospital, said they were very happy with DEWATS because it is easy to operate and maintain, its efficiency meets the requirements of national technical regulations, and the beautiful flowers in the planted filter bed contribute to peaceful scenery at the hospital.

The VTV4 report also highlighted the DEWATS plants at the Kim Bang nursing center for wounded soldiers in the northern province of Ha Nam, in residential areas of Hanoi, and at the Cam Thanh school in Hoi An.

Video: See the VTV4 report on BORDA DEWATS in Vietnam

In September 2017 Vietnamese broadcaster VTV4 filmed a short news report covering 10 years of BORDA-VAWR Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Solutions implemented across Vietnam

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