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31 May 2019
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In Indonesia, KIPRAH comes to four more communities

Compost produced from solid waste through the KIPRAH programme

Sustainability Takes a Village...with the Right Support

The spring of 2019 brought four more KIPRAH (“we pro-waste”) materials recovery facilities (MRFs) to communities in Indonesia. In March, the KIPRAH team together with BORDA partner LPTP inaugurated two facilities in Sleman Regency (MRF Brama Muda in Sardonoharjo and MRF Ben Resik in Margorejo). Two more facilities followed in April with kick-offs supported by BORDA partner BEST in the city of South Tangerang (MRF Mustika Ikhlas and MRF Chibar).

At each MRF, the official start of operations was an opportunity to bring together village heads, people from surrounding communities, and the CBO (community based organisation) that manages the MRF for a full day of inspiration, exchange and practical training. In Sardonoharjo, village head Mr. Herjuno Wiwoho emphasised that the management of solid waste is a shared endeavour that comes with shared responsibility: the Ministry of Public Works has ensured the construction of new facilities for managing solid waste, and now it is up to the beneficiaries to use and manage them properly.

Speaking about their vision and mission, CBO heads recognised that their MRFs are new and need improvement in capacity building, operations and monitoring. Mr. Budi Isro'I, an elder member who has KIPRAH experience as head of the Purwo Berhati CBO, shared his knowledge and insights during a rich discussion with these new MRF operators. Through this session, the KIPRAH team created a productive forum among CBOs to support and promote the advancement of MRFs.

Capping off the inauguration events at each site, the KIPRAH team lead on-site training for MRF operators on the aerobic composting process from start to finish: how to make the decomposer, how to blend the decomposer with organic waste, and how to load organic waste into the composting unit and monitor it during the composting process. The aim was to ensure that everyone involved in running the MRFs understands and is able to follow the standard operating and monitoring procedures, setting up the CBOs to successfully manage their facilities and recover valuable resources for their communities.

With new materials recovery facilities inaugurated in March & April 2019, communities in Sleman and South Tangerang joined the growing number of KIPRAH members turning solid waste into compost

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