BORDA in Myanmar

Supporting the implementation of environmentally sound and socially sustainable sanitation technology
David Dietz
Country Director

BORDA has been active in Myanmar since 2012. With the aim of improving living conditions for the urban poor, BORDA Myanmar has established stakeholder networks with local and international organisations, professionals and policy makers, carries out trainings and feasibility studies for wastewater management, and implements projects to upgrade sanitation services and infrastructure in underserved and low-income urban areas.

An estimated 26% of the population lives in poverty

In rural areas where 70% of the population lives, more than half are in poverty

In addition to its long-standing partner, the Water and Sanitation Department of the Yangon City Development Committee (see the video below), BORDA Myanmar cooperates with the Ministry of Construction’s Department of Urban and Housing Development. Targeting the implementation of environmentally sound and socially sustainable technology in the field of wastewater treatment and faecal sludge management (FSM), BORDA Myanmar provides capacity building to its partners and implements demonstration projects within the City of Yangon.

BORDA Myanmar also engages in regional DEWATS capacity building through a strong exchange with BORDA Cambodia and its local partner ESC (Environmental Sanitation Cambodia).

Video: Assessment of the faecal sludge management situation in Yangon

On the Ground in Myanmar - Our Projects

26 September 2018

Integrated Sanitation Approach for large residential developments

BORDA Myanmar and its partners are developing customised concepts to tackle the sanitation challenges of large residential housing development projects

Our Partners

Department of Urban and Housing Development (Ministry of Construction) main government partner
YCDC (Yangon City Development Committee)

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