BORDA in the Philippines

Sustainable sanitation development empowers people to work with governments to turn waste into valuable resources
Jonas Maronilla
Country Director
BNS Philippines

BORDA has been active in the Philippines since 2005 through its close collaboration with Basic Needs Services Philippines Incorporated (BNS Philippines), a water and sanitation sector NGO founded in 2005. Together, we develop and disseminate innovative solutions for facilitating access to basic needs services. Our partnership also provides continuous guidance and assistance on sanitation and wastewater management issues to various public and private institutions in the Philippines.

For emerging economies like the Philippines, sanitation service provision remains one of the principal development challenges.

Although nearly 92% of Filipinos have access to improved water resources, at least 26% of the population lack clean and safe toilet facilities
(Philippine Department of Health citing the 2015 the WHO Joint Monitoring Program and UNICEF)

To develop its focus, BNS Philippines conducted projects promoting poverty reduction, conservation of natural resources, and environmental protection. In 2006, BORDA enabled BNS Philippines to develop, plan and implement decentralised wastewater treatment system (DEWATS) projects for markets, slaughterhouses, schools, hospitals, small-medium size enterprises (SMEs) and faecal sludge management (FSM).

Since 2006 BNS Philippines has completed at least 36 DEWATS projects nationwide, including two Local Government Unit (LGU) wastewater treatment sub-projects funded by the World Bank.

In addition, BNS Philippines cooperates with municipalities for piloting system solutions that apply BORDA’s Integrated Sanitation Approach for the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda. To realise integrated sanitation, the BORDA-BNS Philippines partnership places special emphasis on transparency, accountability and participation among partners, stakeholders, and communities.

Sustainable Sanitation Development Programme: Unique Concept & Approach

The BNS Philippines Sustainable Sanitation Development Programme (SSDP) considers sanitation holistically, recognising that human excreta and wastewater are not waste products, but valuable resources that can be recycled and reused, thus protecting natural resources. Further, sustainable sanitation is the process of empowering families and communities to partner with local governments and other stakeholders to address sanitation issues:

  • using affordable, appropriate and dynamic sanitation technologies;
  • supported by enabling/regulatory frameworks, management systems, technical assistance and financing mechanisms;
  • with a system of rewards and incentives for protecting the environment and people’s health.

    On the Ground in the Philippines - Our Projects

    27 September 2018

    A first for the Philippines: decentralised faecal sludge management (FSM) in Bauang

    Starting in Bauang Municipality, BORDA-supported BNS Philippines is implementing a holistic FSM model that includes health impact evaluations and Zero Open Defecation initiatives

    Our Partners

    Municipality of Bauang, La Union
    BNS Philippines BORDA SEA cooperation partner

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