On the Ground: Projects in Southeast Asia

14 November 2018

Regional Regenerative Sanitation Hub at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand

Initiated in 2017, BORDA-AIT Hub is a training and demonstration centre aiming to introduce certified and proven decentralised wastewater treatment technologies in Southeast Asia
28 September 2018

Applying the Integrated Sanitation Approach in the noodle processing center of Bac Ninh, Vietnam

Together with Bac Ninh Municipality, BORDA-VAWR is implementing an Integrated Sanitation Approach pilot project in Bac Ninh’s Khac Niem ward for the phase 2017-2019
27 September 2018

A first for the Philippines: decentralised faecal sludge management (FSM) in Bauang

Starting in Bauang Municipality, BORDA-supported BNS Philippines is implementing a holistic FSM model that includes health impact evaluations and Zero Open Defecation initiatives
26 September 2018

Integrated Sanitation Approach for large residential developments

BORDA Myanmar and its partners are developing customised concepts to tackle the sanitation challenges of large residential housing development projects
26 September 2018

Integrated environmental sanitation for Krong Kracheh, Cambodia

As part of an integrated environmental sanitation initiative, ESC and BORDA Cambodia are cooperating with the private sector and municipal authorities to improve sanitation service provision in Krong Kracheh

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