Applying the Integrated Sanitation Approach in the noodle processing center of Bac Ninh, Vietnam
28 September 2018

Regional Regenerative Sanitation Hub at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand

The Regenerative Sanitation Hub as a collaboration between BORDA and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand was formally initiated in 2017.

The Hub is to be established as a training and demonstration centre to introduce certified and proven decentralised wastewater treatment technologies to decision makers, manufacturers and professionals/practitioners in Southeast Asia.

The Hub aims to provide training on quality management for decentralised wastewater treatment systems and approaches, improve knowledge about the establishment, operation and maintenance of decentralised technologies, and promote the application of polycentric sanitation service planning in an urban context.

The Regenerative Sanitation Hub engages with local and regional organisations for capacity building purposes and also works for wider impact through cooperations with international organisations such as BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and UNESCAP (UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific). A cooperation with Germany-based Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology (PIA) is charged with providing technical assistance to the project for the establishment and operation of the testing centre. The testing centre was officially launched in February 2019.

A cooperation with The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), based in Japan, supports the harmonisation of standards development for testing methods for on-site treatment systems.

> Read more about how the AIT testing centre works

Initiated in 2017, BORDA-AIT Hub is a training and demonstration centre aiming to introduce certified and proven decentralised wastewater treatment technologies in Southeast Asia

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