Adapting Sanitation Projects to Climate Change in the Philippines
9 November 2020
DEWATS for Rice noodle processing cluster in Hai Phong City
26 May 2021

Sustainable sanitation solutions in coastal communities

Along the coastlines of La Union province, water quality problems affect the lives of the population and also impact the growth of the tourism industry. With pilot projects in Bacnotan and Balaoan, BORDA and BNS Philippines show how decentralised sanitation solutions can help improve the situation.

First Spetage Treatment Facility in Bacnotan

In Bacnotan, the Septage Treatment Facility (STF) to be built in Barangay Bacsil will be the municipality's first large-scale wastewater project. With a treatment capacity of 25 cubic metres of faecal sludge per day, this plant will serve all 47 barangays with a total population of 72,391. While the Bacnotan District Hospital is the second beneficiary of the DEWATS project for hospitals in the province of La Union this construction is expected to expand the provision of sanitation services and in turn, improve the quality of bathing beaches, water activities and thus have a much greater impact on the overall environmental improvement of the municipality and the province. Before this project, the DEWATS school sanitation plant in Barangay Baroro, Bacnotan has already been put into operation,

DEWATS for local slaughterhouse and hospital in Balaoan

In Balaoan, a DEWATS plant worth PhP 2.87 million was installed and commissioned for the local slaughterhouse. The plant has a maximum capacity of 10 m3 /day of wastewater discharged daily from the slaughterhouse operations. The plant consists of the following components: Biogas Digester, Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, Anaerobic Filter and Sand Filter. There are two community-based DEWATS projects in the municipality, in Paraoir with 45 households and in Barangay Almeida with 57 households.

Balaoan District Hospital has its own DEWATS wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater from hospitals is considered one of the major sources of domestic sewage which, if discharged untreated into water bodies, has negative impacts on the environment and surrounding communities. The implementation of the project is a result of the positive response to the plant in different parts of the province, which has attracted the interest of the local government.

BNS is assisting the local government of Balaoan in preparing feasibility and technical plans for school-based sanitation projects at Castor Conception National High School and Balaoan Central Elementary School. In addition, a proposed wastewater treatment plant for the municipality is the subject of a feasibility study being conducted by BNS Philippines. The local government is currently drafting a local ordinance for the treatment of sewage sludge, which is to be approved by the local council. The adoption of this local ordinance is a prerequisite for the implementation of the wastewater treatment plant.

BORDA and its partner organisation BNS Philippines help to improve sanitation in coastal communities in La Union province

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