BORDA supports the establishment of the city alliance People-Sanitation-Cities
26 October 2017
Hot Issues Workshops: BORDA and VAWR contribute to Vietnam International Water Week – VACI 2018
6 March 2018

World Urban Forum 9: BORDA hosts workshop on polycentric approaches to urban water resource management

World Urban Forum 7-13 February 2018

Urbanisation is one of the most significant global trends. Today, over half of the world's population lives in cities and by 2050, an estimated two-thirds of humanity will be living in urban areas. With the adoption of the New Urban Agenda (NUA), the international community has reached a milestone that spotlights the importance of cities and the local level. The NUA is a vital tool for achieving Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

In an important step, the World Urban Forum – the world’s premier conference on cities – focused its 2018 WUF9 event on the implementation of the NUA. Cities are key development actors for implementing global agreements, creating liveable cities, and realising integrated sustainable development.

BORDA Events

At the forum held on 7-13 February in Kuala Lumpur, BORDA hosted two side events, one of them at the German pavilion. The events presented the first results of a practice-orientated joint research project undertaken by cities and government agencies in Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam together with academic institutions and civil society organisations. Funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), this project aims to develop instruments that support rapidly growing cities in Southeast Asia in the implementation of polycentric urban development schemes and integrated, cross-sectoral water management – thus enabling the localisation of Agenda 2030 in a strategic field of urban development.

In addition to the side events, BORDA and its partners – Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Habitat Unit of TU Berlin, University of Applied Science of Cologne, Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, State Government of Bremen, and the city alliance People-Sanitation-Cities – organised a two-day workshop on “Polycentric approaches to the management of urban water resources in Southeast Asia” on 8-9 February.

At the 7-13 February 2018 forum in Kuala Lumpur, BORDA hosted two side events and a workshop focused on the implementation of polycentric approaches and integrated, cross-sectoral water management in Southeast Asia

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