Updates from Southeast Asia

27 November 2019

PolyUrbanWaters begins pilot activities in three Southeast Asian cities

In September 2019 the PolyUrbanWaters project kicked off its definition phase, supporting specific implementation activities for polycentric approaches to urban water management in Sleman (Indonesia), Kratie (Cambodia) and Sam Neua (Laos)
24 July 2019

FSM Toolbox for Laos: BORDA and AIT conduct training for Laos government staff

On 3–5 June 2019, BORDA Laos and AIT conducted training for members of the Department of Housing & Urban Planning on how the FSM Toolbox can help to address existing gaps in FSM planning and implementation
12 July 2019

BORDA embarks on new partnerships in Myanmar

In March 2019, BORDA Myanmar conducted its first official mission to Mandalay, establishing cooperation with the Mandalay City Development Committee and Mandalay Technological University
2 July 2019

In Indonesia, KIPRAH comes to four more communities

With new materials recovery facilities inaugurated in March & April 2019, communities in Sleman and South Tangerang joined the growing number of KIPRAH members turning solid waste into compost
31 May 2019

MoU for ISA: BORDA to build sanitation capacity for the government of Laos

On 22 March 2019, BORDA and the Laos Department of Housing and Urban Planning signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enable capacity building on the Integrated Sanitation Approach (ISA) for urban water and solid waste management
9 May 2019

BORDA and the Integrated Sanitation Approach (ISA) at the Vietnamese-German Water Forum

In Hanoi on 19–20 March 2019, the German Water Partnership and the Vietnam Water Supply & Sewerage Association held the Vietnamese-German Water Forum, where BORDA presented a case study on the ISA in Bac Ninh

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