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23 September 2018
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26 September 2018

Community based management of solid waste for climate change mitigation in Indonesia

Community Based Solid Waste Management

To support the Indonesian government programme for providing improved solid waste management services to communities in Indonesia, BORDA and its local partners developed the KIPRAH (kita-pro-sampah = we-pro-waste) approach.

KIPRAH aims to improve and develop options for community based solid waste management that in the end will improve hygiene, environmental sanitation and living conditions in low-income communities. The main component of each KIPRAH project is a materials recovery facility (MRF), implemented by the Public Works and Settlements Ministry and local governments and operated by Community Based Organizations (CBO).

Solid waste from participating households is collected and transported to MRFs where it is separated into organic and recyclable waste. Organic waste (food and garden waste) is composted, then the compost is sold to the public or directly used by the community around the MRF as fertiliser for growing crops.

KIPRAH VER: Gold Standard Emission Reduction

For climate change mitigation, BORDA and its partners developed an additional VER (Voluntary Emission Reduction) component to aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by employing a special composting technique (aerobic composting).

KIPRAH VER was registered under the Gold Standard scheme in 2014 as the first emission reducing, community based composting project worldwide. In September 2016, KIPRAH VER was certified Gold Standard for the monitoring period June 2013 – May 2015. Since then, some of the carbon exchange value was handed over to CBOs to support MRF sustainability.

In Indonesia 17 KIPRAH VER projects are using the aerobic composting component, reducing about 55 – 300 tCO2eq per MRF per year. Located in Banten Province (Tangerang Selatan City), Yogyakarta Special Province (Cities of Sleman, Bantul, Gunung Kidul and Kulon Progo) and East Java Province (Sidoarjo), each MRF serves between 200 and 1,200 households.

The Gold Standard certified KIPRAH VER programme: BORDA and its Indonesian partners have developed the solid waste management programme KIPRAH (kita-pro-sampah = we-pro-waste) along with a special composting technique for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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