On the Ground: Projects in Southeast Asia

24 September 2018

Community based management of solid waste for climate change mitigation in Indonesia

The Gold Standard certified KIPRAH VER programme: BORDA and its Indonesian partners have developed the solid waste management programme KIPRAH (kita-pro-sampah = we-pro-waste) along with a special composting technique for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
23 September 2018

Quality management for decentralised wastewater treatment systems: supporting Laos government partners

BORDA supports the Ministry of Public Works and Transport with urban wastewater management concepts that include quality management systems and training for decentralised wastewater solutions
22 September 2018

Going nationwide: spreading community based sanitation in Indonesia

BORDA is working with the Indonesian National Planning Authority to provide sustainable access to wastewater management related essential public services for communities in urban and peri-urban areas
21 September 2018

School based sanitation (SBS) in Cambodia

Since 2009, ESC and BORDA Cambodia have developed and implemented school based sanitation projects to improve health, hygiene & sanitation in Cambodian schools
20 September 2018

Investment action plan for wastewater treatment in peri-urban areas of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Stemming from the Global Green Growth Institute’s Cambodia Green Urban Development programme, this project aims to improve the liveability of Phnom Penh’s peri-urban areas and strengthen the city’s resilience

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