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20 September 2018
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22 September 2018

School based sanitation (SBS) in Cambodia

Developing Potential in Healthy Environments

With more than 30% of Cambodia's population under the age of 15, increased attention is being paid to helping Cambodian children develop their future potential. A precondition for this development is a healthy and hygienic environment at school. Improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at schools demands far more than just technical infrastructure. Often underfunded and badly staffed, Cambodian schools are also in need of substantial capacity building on the operation and management of sanitation facilities.

Insufficient WASH facilities threaten or ignore the privacy and security needs of school children and lead to a high risk of infections. This can adversely affect children’s health and their ability to attend school, which can have a negative impact on their academic performance.

School Based Sanitation Approach

To address these serious problems, BORDA Cambodia and its long-standing partner Environmental Sanitation Cambodia (ESC) have worked together since 2009 to develop an integrated approach to School Based Sanitation (SBS) that focuses on:

  1. Building school WASH facilities
  2. Promoting health & hygiene education
  3. Improving school WASH facilities with onsite decentralised wastewater treatment (DEWATS) and good operation & maintenance (O&M)

Benefitting Students & Teachers across Cambodia

ESC-BORDA has implemented SBS projects in 34 peri-urban and rural primary schools around Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Kampong Chhnang, directly benefiting more than 16,000 teachers and students.

All SBS project schools are selected through a competitive and demand-based selection process to ensure that the schools have the willingness and ability to continue key SBS activities in the long run. Selected schools are supported in establishing school WASH committees (SWC) that are responsible for all WASH interventions at school level.

ESC-BORDA provides technical support in the form of suitable design and implementation of sanitation infrastructure as well as trainings on facility operation & management and health & hygiene. This approach to SBS allows ESC-BORDA Cambodia to provide a meaningful contribution to improving WASH in schools in Cambodia.

Video: See an overview of school-based sanitation (SBS) projects implemented by ESC-BORDA in Cambodia

Since 2009, ESC and BORDA Cambodia have developed and implemented school based sanitation projects to improve health, hygiene & sanitation in Cambodian schools

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