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14 November 2018
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School-based sanitation: trainings and handover ceremony in Sangthong, Laos

Improved Sanitation for Two More Schools

In a half-day event on 20 February 2019 in the Sangthong district of Vientiane, BORDA Laos was proud to hand over new School Based Sanitation (SBS) Lite systems to the Angnoy and Bankauy primary schools. The completion of this project – a milestone for BORDA Laos’ collaboration with the Department of Housing and Urban Planning (DHUP) – continues the work begun in 2017 in Bokeo to disseminate SBS Lite in Laos. The handover brings to four the number of primary schools with new sanitation facilities and a decentralised wastewater treatment system (DEWATS).

Before the implementation of the locally adapted SBS Lite solution, the more than 180 teachers and students had only two toilets connected to a pit latrine. Faced with such insufficient and unsanitary facilities, some students practiced open defecation. To provide improved sanitation for the schools, BORDA Laos built two new gender-specific toilets and one toilet for disabled people, as well as urinals and sinks that are all connected to an on-site DEWATS plant.

DEWATS inauguration & Trainings

Since SBS goes beyond the construction of new facilities, during the handover event DHUP and BORDA Laos gave trainings to ensure the project’s future technical and social sustainability. The DEWATS plant’s appointed operator and the teachers received training on DEWATS operations and maintenance. The children participated in hands-on workshops to learn the importance and execution of good health and hygiene practices such as washing hands with soap, brushing teeth, and disposing waste properly.

At the end of the event in a festive handover ceremony, the newly built sanitation facilities and the DEWATS plant were officially inaugurated by Mr. Phoutthasom Inthavong, Deputy Director Urban Development Division, Mr. Oudon Taichanthone, Deputy Director Education and Sports Office, Ms. Kerstine Tobie from the German Embassy, and Mr. Tommy Ram from Johanniter.

Paving the Way for the Future

The project was made possible thanks to funding from the German Embassy and Johanniter and the cooperation of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) represented by the DHUP, the Department of Public Works and Transport (DPWT) in Vientiane, the Education and Sports Office in Sangthong, and the appointed local WASH Committee.

Following this success, BORDA Laos hopes in the near future to multiply SBS projects in different provinces so that more children in Laos can learn about good hygiene and benefit from safe and sustainable improved sanitation facilities and DEWATS at their schools.

On 20 February 2019 BORDA Laos officially handed over a new School Based Sanitation (SBS) Lite system to Angnoy and Bankauy primary schools in Sangthong District, Vientiane

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