BORDA in Thailand

Introducing certified, proven decentralised wastewater treatment technologies to decision makers, manufacturers and practitioners

In cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), BORDA established a competency center for integrated sanitary solutions in 2017, serving as a hub that links a community of practitioners in Southeast Asia.

In collaboration with AIT, BORDA is elaborating AIT’s FSM Toolbox for project management in all BORDA Southeast Asia partner countries

A testing and demonstration centre for decentralised wastewater treatment options is under development, intended to help governments, donors and the private sector achieve appropriate high-quality solutions for verified wastewater treatment technologies in the region.

The AIT-BORDA Hub also supports capacity building and strengthening of the enabling framework for integrated sanitation approaches in Southeast Asia.

The BORDA Southeast Asia Program Office is based at the AIT-BORDA Hub and provides / serves as:

  • project content management
  • project planning and steering
  • regional hub for liaison with partner country stakeholders including national governments, civil society organisations and bilateral cooperation partners
  • liaison to international and regional organisations such as UNESCAP, UNESCO and AIT
  • training and knowledge hub for the South-South expert pool

On the Ground in Thailand - Our Projects

14 November 2018

Regional Regenerative Sanitation Hub at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand

Initiated in 2017, BORDA-AIT Hub is a training and demonstration centre aiming to introduce certified and proven decentralised wastewater treatment technologies in Southeast Asia

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